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Dokken Birds




Buy a Dokken Pheasant and Pheasant Scent Injector Kit for just £35 - reduced from the normal price of £36.85

The Dokken Deadfowl Training bird is one of the most must have pieces of equipment for anyone serious about training any gundog. For most of us real dead birds are just not available all year round ..So Dokken have produced the next best thing,and it's avalible from Gundog Gear

Manufactured from soft durable scent injectable body whiles being equipped with a hard free swinging head on one end and plastic feet and tail( where applicable) on the other . This design teaches the dog to pick and carry the bird from the center chest region and disciplines the dog not to shake the bird on pick up as the hard plastic head delivers a tap on the snout should the dog do this,the feet also applies pressure to the side of the dogs mouth to avoid the dog picking to near this end. Basically the dog very quickly learns the best place to collect is the torso area...just as with real birds.
Available in many shapes and sizes (See our shop for more options) the body can be injected with scent ,kits available also from Gundog Gear and used for blind retrieves thus teaching the dog to use its nose to find downed birds,I found this one of its great teaching aids.

Fully floating the Dokken Deadfowl training aid just wont sink and never becomes water logged,dries easily so great for the pocket

Comes with an throwing rope attached, the bigger birds Pheasant/ Ducks etc. benefit with the power thrower attachment
which is also available from Gundog Gear

Painted in very life like colours to perfectly mimic the bird you want to accustom your dog to retrieving

Weighted about the same as the bird it emulated....Pheasant weights approx. 575 grams (or 11/4 Lbs)
Length and Girth also add to the realistic feel of these training aids and are based around the real life bird it copies ,includes the full size tail which accustoms your dog to the same feel and view as a real pheasant

The Dokken Name means you are going to get a quality item,not one of the poor quality substitutes that just don't do the job ,so buy with confidence that these are the finest and most lifelike Deadfowl trainers available today

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